Latest Punt - Picking up a Street Worker in Auckland Rating - 8/10

So the last few weeks I have been struck with what has been a total lack of decent street prostitutes in Auckland. I’m not sure what has spurned the almost total lack of decent talent but it is definitely a dry spell. Maybe they have more money to spend on their P addictions lately ;)

Anyway, so tonight I decided to head out around 9pm into the Auckland CBD to see if there was anything out and about. So I popped a little blue pill and headed up the freeway into the city. Upon arriving, I decided to head over to City Road where most of the younger women hang out at. A word of caution though…City Road is notoroius for underage girls so you almost have to check ID sometimes to make sure they are of age. You definitely dont want to run afoul of the law out here. 

So I take a quick drive up City Road and Liverpool street…and low and behold…there is no-one there at all. Now maybe they have been all picked up..but I doubt it. Last time I was out I did notice a fairly heavy police presence targeting that area so maybe that is why they seemed to have bugged out.

So having no Luck I decided to drive around the K road area. So down to Cross Street I head to find 0 girls. Aroundt he corner on Edinburgh Street there was what looked like a Transvestite working and across the road there was a few old ladies and desperates hanging around. Seriously, the talent is just not out at the moment. I will have to start timing the dole week cycle so I can grab them when they are in desperate need of money.

I decided to take one last drive around just to see what was there and actually counted only 5 girls on the streets….what a shock. Luckily just as I was about to head home I spotted a decent one. She was a part Maori, part kiwi girl wearing a short dress with B cup tits and looked to be about 21-23 years old. Although her legs were a little thick, overall she was pretty decent.

So I stopped the car and I could tell she was a little nervous because instead of just giving me the prices she asked what I was looking for and I had to repeat blow job about 3 times before she got it. Anyway, we agreed upon $60 for oral sex and in she got. So we talked a little on the way as she directed me to a dark side street about 5 mins away. Now some of these girls are really anti-social and/or drugged up and wont let you touch them at all but this girls was fine with me touching her legs and pussy.Often I find I need just a little touching to get hard.

So we get down to it and she rolls a condom over my cock and starts slowly blowing me really nicely. I instantly get rock hard in her mouth and I can tell she really knows what shes doing. Sometimes the oral the girls provide is pretty bad but this time it was damn good. As she continued deep throating me and gagging a few times :) I was stroking her pussy and ass. Now this chick had a slamming ass that was both hard and soft in all the right places. Overall she was probably a 7-7.5 in looks.

At this point I ask if she wants to hop on top for some more $$$ but she declined and expained she only does BJ nothing else. This is a shame because I bet she would have been a wild fuck. Anyway, she continues blowing me and gets me right to the edge and I explode into the condom. Now this is pretty rare for me to cum from oral with a rubber on but thats how good this girl was.

So we chat for a little while and then I drive her back to the corner of K Road and Hereford Street and drop her off.

Overall, this was an incredibly pleasant punt with a lovely young girl who could suck cock like a pro…which I guess she was :)

Fun in Auckland

Hi everyone,

Recently, I have embarked on a mission of discovery for sexual fulfillment in Auckland, New Zealand. What I have found is that there is a lack of true reviews and descriptions of services and places. So I’m going to be profiling my activities of finding both paid and unpaid sex in Auckland, and any other place that I visit. So keep an eye out for my regular field reports and a description of the punting scene here.


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